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Roger is a rebellious Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler). He develops a crush on Belle over the course of the film.


Roger had an owner that he lived under the care of and adored. One day, when both Roger and his owner were walking on a street, Roger was uncollared! He had lost his owner, unable to find him.

A few years later, Roger made himself the stray and robot's enemy. At one point, Roger encounters a bad robot (which Roger's owner created). This robot would go to try and destroy the robot city. However, Roger wouldn't allow the city to perish. He and the friends he had made since his de-collaring fought the robot and eventually won.

Afterwards, Roger is reunited with his lost owner. Once Robo City was safe and back in the hands of the real mayor, Roger and his owner started a new life. Roger asked his crush Belle if she wants to go on a new adventure to which she agrees. Roger and Belle sat beside each other and looked at the town, happy and content.

Romantic Relationships:

Roger's crush, Belle. Roger shows an interest in her, but Belle is more open about her interest in Roger. Such as when Belle and Roger danced together at the mall. For more Belle and Roger interactions, click here.