“We are best friends for life!”-Bob

Bob is a kind robot who acted as an aid for Rodger. He was a scrap robot.

Warning there are spoilers, I warned you,

Bob is a robot who met Rodger when he was homeless. He then tried to befriend him but Rodger ignored him. When the alley they lived in was destroyed, bob helped Rodger find a new home and helped him hide in the pampered pets salon.

Bob started out in the alley in a trash can. When he met Roger, he wanted to be his BFF but Rodger refused. The two met after when Roger had to hide from the stray police and he had to find a new home. They hid in the pampered pets salon where they met other pets like bell. The pets saw a giant robot and it was chasing them. They went in a zoo and bob fought a hyena so they could pass through.Bob helped them go hide in the monorail. The mayor crashed the monorail and they almost fell but luckily got out. Bob then helped them get in a mall. They went in a toy store. Bob played with one of the dinosaurs and it started attacking them. When they got to the bottom of the mall, nanny robots started attacking them. Bob then helped and fought them and they escaped. When he got taken by the stray police he was rescued by Roger and his friends.

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